Chop Steakhouse & Bar, Quality at the Core

Chop Steakhouse & Bar has officially been granted the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Certified Mark for one of the restaurant’s favourite menu items, The Chop Burger. Displaying the CRSB Certified Mark with the burger sees Chop become the first full-service restaurant in Canada to have a CRSB sourcing claim on their menu, demonstrating the company’s support of sustainable beef production in Canada. This is a first step for Chop, and is part of the restaurant’s broader push for sustainable sourcing on all of its meat and fish dishes.

The Mark represents a set of sustainability standards that Canadian beef farmers, ranchers and primary processors must achieve in order to be Certified Sustainable by the CRSB. The sustainability standards cover specific areas related to five principles of sustainable beef: natural resources; people and community; animal health and welfare; food, and efficiency and innovation. The CRSB Certified Mark and associated sustainability claims provide credible, science-based assurances for consumers about how their beef was raised, verified through an independent auditing process and tracked through the supply chain.

“Quality is at the core of Chop Steakhouse,” says Marcel Blais, President of Chop Steakhouse & Bar. “We pride ourselves on delivering taste without compromise, and that means serving the very best Canadian beef - that’s why, for so many years, we have partnered with the CRSB. Today, our guests are asking more questions about where our food comes from. More than ever, they are demanding responsible, sustainable products from the brands they trust and we want them to know we are listening. We are partnering with the industry to pursue the improvement and advancement of sustainable practices.”

Chop also exclusively serves free-run Canadian chicken and fish from sustainable fisheries, and has also introduced recyclable packaging, reusable bags and biodegradable straws.