Chop Steakhouse & Bar Sustainability Practices

The best way to explain Chop is that we are obsessed with steak.

We employ teams that are passionate and committed to steak excellence and because of this, we combine the amazing qualities of 100% Canadian beef with modern, state-of-the-art cooking methods that set us apart from any other Steakhouse.

We are so excited to announce another way that Chop provides you with a better steak experience. Starting on June 10th, Chop Steakhouse & Bar is proud to launch a menu that shares our commitment to sustainable beef sourcing. We are the first national restaurant in Canada with a CRSB Certified Mass Balance mark on all of our beef!

To us, sustainability means...

Sustainability is ultimately about our responsibility to continually look at how we can make changes that positively impact the environment: Our Planet, People and Animals. We want our children and future generations to enjoy this planet for decades to come.



Why we are sourcing beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches?

We pride ourselves on delivering taste without compromise, and that means serving the very best 100% Canadian beef at all of our restaurants.

We have long been partnering with the industry to pursue the improvement and advancement of sustainable practices and educating ourselves, our vendors, and our teams on sustainability. That is why we have been members of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef for many years. We have also been working to ensure that our suppliers from the farmers and ranchers, up through the supply chain are certified to CRSB standards so that we can proudly make a CRSB sourcing claim on our menu.

Our sustainable practices

Not only are we interested in beef sustainability, but it is a priority for us to find ways to be more sustainable overall.

When it comes to food, we also use sustainable fish and seafood products. We conduct a weekly inventory and make adjustments to reduce overproduction. In addition to this, we are launching an initiative that provides one meal to a local food bank for every purchase of dinner bread made by a guest. Not only does this reduce waste, we have the opportunity to help feed our communities.

Innovation is also important to us. We are converting to RATIONAL technology in our kitchens and one of few restaurants to do this in the market. This technology reduces food waste by eliminating errors, allows for more precise portion control, helps with water and resource conservation, and reduces the number of steps involved in handling our food which also results in less equipment and washing required.

What is the "Mass Balance Formula"?

Chop Sustainability


While we continue to work with the CRSB on encouraging more ranchers to have their sustainability practices certified against CRSB standards, we are employing the Mass Balance formula in our beef sourcing. This refers to an internationally recognized sourcing model where physical mixing or blending of beef sourced from Certified farms and ranches and non-certified operations is allowed during processing. The incoming and outgoing quantities are strictly documented and controlled, verified through an audited Chain of Custody throughout the supply chain.

To qualify for a product-related claim using CRSB’s mass balance system, the company or brand must source a minimum of 30% of its beef volume from CRSB Certified farms and ranches. For Chop, we are expanding from sourcing in this way on our burger to all of our beef so that we can further contribute to beef sustainability across our whole menu.

The percentage of certified volume that Chop is sourcing does not mean that the remainder is not sustainably raised – it simply represents volume from farms and ranches that have been audited flowing through at every point in the supply chain from gate to plate. The Canadian beef industry continues to grow the volume of Certified farms and ranches and hopes to one day be able to provide 100% of Chop’s beef from Certified Operations. Find out more at

What we want you to know...

It is important to our guests to have responsible, sustainable products from the brands they trust, and we want you to know that we are listening and we are committed to continually looking at how we can make changes to positively impact our environment.